Faith is parking a uhaul in the driveway you’ve yet to own.

The saga of our Fall Creek Eclectic home begins:

July 2008

On our closing date day we drove the Uhaul down to Indy, parked it in the driveway of our dream home and just prayed that all would go smoothly with the transaction that had been set up for that day. It’d had been a long and rocky road battling for this foreclosed home. So rocky we felt as if we were stalking the brokerage company… Thankfully our real estate agent aka Mr. Rogers, was able to weasel the house keys away from the broker at the end of the paperwork even though the correct deed had yet to come (because the broker assumed we wouldn’t actually be able to pull this off). B-t-w, to add to the bizarre experience this has been, the seller’s broker showed up wearing tattered jean cut-offs, unbrushed hair, low cut shirt, big silver jewelry and a very “so, whatz-up” kind of attitude. It was beyond strange in the surroundings of the clean-cut conference room of the title company.

After “closing” we went back and unloaded the uhaul in our kind-of-ours home. Shortly after beginning neighbor #1 came over. He introduced himself and cheefully welcomed us to the neighborhood. About ten minutes later #2 neighbors came over. They introduced themselves and kindly welcomed us into the neighborhood. They even offered their facilities while we fixed ours and were even kind enough to invite us over any time we needed a cold glass of water. About half an hour later we met neighbor #3 from down the street. He happily welcomed us into the neighborhood. He and his partner had just moved into their home about a year ago. This has been a stark difference from some of the unfriendly scowls we were finding while house hunting.

Through this whole process we’ve been so grateful for our family and friends. We’ve been so helped in this whole process. The husband’s aunt and uncle have whole-heartedly jumped in to help. His uncle has done an amazing job of unclogging our bathroom sinks, installing a new toilet and fixing the old one. Our friends from up north that moved to Indy the year prior to us have lent their talents to assist us in unclogging our kitchen sink and touch-ups on the old toilet. Another of our college friends was completely awesome in coming over and helping us unload all of our stuff in record time. We are richly blessed in friends.

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