First major project(s)

* Flashback* June 2008

Our house was a steal price wise… well, except for the fact that our plumbing is best described with this visual:

In case you aren’t familiar with that angle… it’s our kitchen faucet. Very pretty isn’t it?

Thankfully on the day the Husband and I were just going to be giving a tour to his aunt and uncle they were so moved by inspiration to help their poor, helpless, lost relatives that they immediately waved their wands and ta-da! Unclogged pipes, new pipes, new toilet, working plumbing! Okay, so perhaps I’m simply making a long story short. These images give a better description:

Have we ever mentioned how thankful we were for them? THANK YOU!!! We took a bit of lunch in our finery prior to installing the toilet.

Needless to say, if it weren’t for them we either would have paid an arm and a leg for the use of our sinks and toilets or be horrifically constipated.

4 thoughts on “First major project(s)

  1. Just keep telling yourself that it’s easier to work on a house that has been neglected than on one that has been mucked up. With a neglected house, you just have to fix everything, whereas on a house where some PO has tried to fix everything, you have to undo their fixes, try to find all the antique parts that they got rid of, and then fix them. At least this is what I keep telling myself.

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