Wilbert be Damned!

Meet “Really-Big-Drill-That’s-Still-In-Our-Attic” aka “Wilbert.” This weapon of mass destruction was loaned to us for the explicit purpose of taking a total of 45 seconds to drill a hole through a brick chimney for stringing wires from the basement to the upper floors and again from attic to lower floors. It did it’s job well. . . however, it seems to have deeply offended my husband. Why? Because it’s still in the attic and his response as to why always has an edge of “I’m punishing it!”

Moving on from Wilbert. . . the Husband managed to be an electrician for a few days.

During this time, we also removed a ceiling full of dead, dirty sheep:

Yes, we wore masks, goggles, long sleeves, had the windows open, and generally took every precaution. I STILL managed to get a nasty skin rash from it. Every where I scratched – a gazillion tiny red, itchy bumps took over. Mind you, I’m the kid that would roll in poison ivy and not think twice. . . how this happened – no idea. Regardless, one week full of oatmeal baths and Benadryl later, I was fine. We continued on and (thanks Iyz) put in the new insulation in our ceiling and exterior wall. Yes, it’s just the normal pink rolls. We thought about all the fabulous other options – spray in insulation, spray foam, etc. but cost wise, there was no competition.

We’re feeling warmer already.

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