Operation Spare Room – Done

It is, of course, WELL past the time we have completed our guest room. (It’s actually still lacking the wood trim…we’re still stripping that) So in a very quick rendition of our escapades… after the drilling for wires, electrical work and insulation we hung drywall.
For five days, between the hours of 6pm and 2am we hung drywall.

And let me tell you, Josh and I are generally very easy going with one another… but the true test of our relationship was this process…

Some of our lessons learned:

  1. Neither one of us are mind readers. Use your words.
  2. A grumble does not equal a word.
  3. Rachel is a weakling…. (really, holding dry wall above your head while standing on a ladder puts your strength into perspective).
  4. Do not, I repeat, do not wait until the last week before your self-imposed deadline to accomplish something.

That said, the drywall is securely up, mudded, sanded and painted.

Our new windows were put it. (YEAH!!!)

And (drum roll please) the finished (save the wood trim work) spare room!!!

Not half bad for beginners eh? In the subsequent months we opted out of such a big project for the rest of 2009… however we did paint ourselves silly to help feel like we were getting more accomplished.

Upstairs hallway, Dining room

Downstairs bathroom

So there you have it. The spare room is perfectly usable with only a few items needed… three rooms have gotten a bit of a face lift and we are stocking away funds for Project 2010…

A balcony/deck.

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