Balcony Demolition

Tis the season. . . to rip down decks, clean gutters, glaze window panes, scrape old paint, fix shingles, clean tile, scrub grout, pull up old plants, plant new, start a garden, build a deck, strip wood, . . .

You get the picture. Alright. So our goal is to have this

torn down and rebuilt (bigger and better) by mid-June. I would put up an image or sketch of what “bigger and better” is… but alas, I’m still not sure what that will look like. Fear not though, the hubs knows. He has it aaaaaall planned out.

::cue wife tapping foot, crossed arms and eyebrow raise::

No really, I do think I see what he’s going for. I just think he’s envisioning this much larger than I’m envisioning this. It will be interesting. Moving on though, we began this several weeks back and the progression thus far has left us with this
So yes, the back balcony is down. Below is a mini-photo explanation of how it went.

The Husband had been ripping off the railing, bits of the deck flooring and had removed the outside light. I thought he was going to stop there for the evening… but he got curious and began picking at a corner.

Leaving us with what we/I thought was a very precarious looking situation.

This entire time I’m man-handling a chicken for supper…a bit clueless.

Little did I know, these posts were useless. They weren’t doing a darned thing. So, the Husband and a friend opted to just sledgehammer them a way. (Thanks A, I’m glad he wasn’t alone in the larger demolition projects.)

The two of them did the normal demolition for a bit until they had the brilliant idea of attaching two nylon ropes to corners of the balcony, standing back and giving a heave-ho. One rather large crash later – and we have no balcony.

A few bricks came out, I thought they were intriguing with their stamping. It just screams, “I’m old.” And lastly, just as a bonus, we’re introducing Rufus.

Rufus is the pigeon that seems to have made our overhang roof a daily hang-out. Get his name? Roof-us. Ha! We crack ourselves up.

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