A shot in the dark: starring our kitchen

So the hubs and I became mildly addicted to houseblogs.net a couple of years ago. . . and this addiction has led to my eagerly awaiting their periodic newsletters they send to my email. (They’re one of the few I enjoy reading) The latest newsletter gave an opportunity to enter the True Value Design SOS contest. Being the less-than-wealthy dIY-ers that we are, we decided to come up with an entry. And yes. It’s cheesy, but it makes us giggle.

Below is what we’ve concocted. :o) The background music is called “Peach Cobbler” and is one of the iMovie provided “jingles” in case you were wondering.

According to the contest, they will be taking entries until October 7th and have the 10 finalists posted by October 22nd. At that point it will be open for judging by the masses. I’d be pretty pleased if we made it through to the top 10… but having some extra mula to work with would be phenomenal.

Stay tuned too… we plan on entering our friend’s half bath. ;o)


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