Which wood color looks best

Winter Project. . .hopefully

As with every winter (so far), we’ve slowed down on the house projects. Something about 20 degree weather and holiday season spending just takes it right out of us. However, I have had this little project sitting in our breakfast nook for a while now…and it’s about time I do something about it.

February of 2009, the hubs and I were driving along and saw this gem-in-disguise sitting in someone’s trash pile. Now don’t think less of me, think “thrifty.” I did the whole point and “ooooh!!!” And had the Husband go back around and pull up next to the pile. Thankfully we were in his jeep and could just pop this baby in the back, and even better, it fit perfectly. In a matter of 30 seconds this was in the back of our vehicle and we were off.
side of the road find

At first glance, you may wonder what possessed me to confiscate this grandma-esque piece of furniture. Then, I hope, you take another look and realize the potential that’s just sitting there waiting to be taken advantage of! At the time, I had been on a MacKenzie-Childs kick and had aspirations of turning it into a similar creation.

I began my hunt on Craigslist for fabric that would work for my chair. Originally thinking I would piece different bits together to create the final MacKenzie-Childs style chair…but instead I ran across this fabric.

Fabric from craigslist

I liked it. The colors aren’t what I normally gravitate to, but I really liked it. There was also a whole lot of it for a very tiny price. (Again, think “thrifty.”) I arranged with the seller to do a little exchange in a McDonald’s parking lot. Thankfully, as my Craigslist experiences have a history of, the transaction went smoothly. I took my wad of fabric home and stuffed it in the hall closet for the remainder of the year.

This brings me to today! January… of 2011. Hey, we’ve been busy. Lay off. I’ve pulled out the chair, fabric and begun the process of researching how to reupholster. I have neglected to mention, I have no experience in recovering a chair…. But hey, you’ve got to start somewhere! So far, I’ve found this to be the best in explanation, craftychic blog. If you’ve run across anything better, feel free to let me know.

So here’s my digital rendering of my goal, along with comparing what woodwork color I’d like to go with. Preferences?

Which wood color looks best

4 thoughts on “Winter Project. . .hopefully

  1. I’m more or less partial to all but the pink woodwork. The black looks chic, the yellow/gold a bit more antique and the green is just kinda fun. Just sayin’.

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