fall creek eclectic has a leak

Pitter-Padder. . .

I love[ed] thunderstorms. While snuggling in a pile of blankets, cozy in my bed, I love[ed] to listen to the rain drops as they fall on the roof and world outside. That is… until around 12:30 a.m. this morning.

We were already up late from watching the Oscars and were winding down for bed. Hubs had already made his way under the covers while I was still brushing my teeth in the bathroom. I opened the bathroom closet door to grab something and was struck with one of those “something’s not quite right here” moments. I stared for a couple of seconds before it dawned on me that my stock of lotions had water droplets on them. I did the ever dreaded “Honeeey” with the “eey” being especially high in tone. The Husband came in, looked, sighed and determined we would need to call about having the soffits fixed sooner rather than later.

I ran and grabbed a large mixing bowl, shoved it in the closet and ended with the phrase, “well at least it’s not like a bunch of water and multiple buckets, right?” I was answered with a firm, “right.” We called it a night.


Um, dear, does it sound like that rain is inside?


Long story short…

fall creek eclectic has a leak
We’re bucket people now

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