side of the road find

You get what you pay for

Sooo, a little while a go I mentioned this chair that I just-so-happened to have picked up from the side of the road. If this doesn’t sound familiar, catch up with the previous post. Okay, so yes, I have of course procrastinated on the project, but that’s beside the point. The point is, I got waaaay more than I paid for… and considering I paid nothing but the man power it took my husband to lift the chair into the jeep, the standards are low.

I began as any beginner – ripping away what I could as gingerly as possible in the hopes of retaining the fabric and using it as patterns for the new fabric. Well, here’s the first thing I saw:

I was appalled. I mean, I knew this wasn’t the cleanest chair in the world. I anticipated having no problems removing all bits from this chair and then resurrecting it as the fashionably adorable chair I knew it could be. Alas….

The enormous amount of junk and odor and suspicious bits of insects within the chair was giving me the creeps. I don’t believe I’ve yet mentioned this… but I hate bugs. I’ve gotten better at handling myself if I find a bug near me… better… but by no means tolerant of the things.

So I took the dust-buster to it until there wasn’t a speck in sight, sprayed it with an array of chemicals and then shoved it into a corner in the hopes that I could tackle it again later.

Later –

I managed to mangle the chair further and inspect it more thoroughly…

Can you see that? THAT is a mixture of mold and bug droppings. DISGUSTING!!!

After dancing around a bit, shaking my hands furiously and doing something that can only be described as a hokey-pokey seizure, I bagged up anything that once belonged to the chair, threw what I could away and have left the chair remains in the backyard  for my husband to do away with.

I will now be disinfecting my house.

Just in case.

5 thoughts on “You get what you pay for

  1. Being the hubs, I would have paid good money to see the “hokey-pokey seizure.”. Also, I wpuld like to challenge the statement of you handling the site of bugs better.

  2. Rachel – love your blog! I am now subscribed and ready to read. This post is great. Hysterical!

    1. Thanks Emily! Yeah, humor is pretty easy to find when attempting to give life to run-down things…. especially since we’re amateurs to the extreme. ;o)

  3. Ewww…I hope my chair doesn’t have that mess in it. Now I am scared!! Plus it is sitting in my bedroom!

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