So. We’ve just sat down and reworked our budget.

I know, no other blog line has ever been more exciting than that, right there. But before I go into that, here’s the update on our urban garden.

We did have one corn plant that was, indeed, knee high by fourth of July – it’s brethren are not too far behind it either, so we should have a decent amount of corn. The tomatoes are doing marvelously and our sweet potatoes are on a mission to take over our backyard. . . The broccoli, peppers and peas are doing their best, but I wouldn’t say they’re too promising. Our melons were accosted by a squirrel and haven’t been seen since. . . the squirrel left tracks though, so no question as to who the culprit is.

Today we’ll be going out to the community garden we have a plot in and taking care of it. We’ll let you know how we’re doing out there.

Okay, back to the fun of budgeting. We’ve neglected to update everyone on what it is we’re saving for this summer. Each season we have some sort of large project to work on. Last year was the balcony and this year its [drum roll please] the flashing and soffets. To review why we’ve chosen to work on socking away 6k to fix these, take a look at an earlier post from this year…

So yes… it will take 6,000 to fix our sadly crumbling built in gutters and flashing up on our chimneys – along with plucking the tree from one chimney and using the restoration appropriate copper for the flashing and portion of the gutter work. I believe we had the replacing of a few slate tiles in there as well, all in all coming to that grand total.

It took a couple of months to find the right slate work company… for some reason, slate roof repair men are few and far between. I was also aware of plenty of horror stories and had done an enormous amount of research on slate roofs, what kind of tiles we have and so on and so forth so when contractor A and B came back with various phrases like “You should put on a metal roof” or “You know, slate roofs like that just don’t last…” They got kicked to the curb pretty quickly. We found our match with an old company, sadly not local, that respected slate, old homes and the value of history. We hope to hire them before winter – but that depends on how well we stick to our budget…

It’s not like we have lots of bills or crazy debt or anything… we just typically eat out, entertain and have a drink or two a little too often. So we’ve given ourselves a little lecture and will be being a great deal more disciplined in this. If you see us out and we’re not splitting a meal – waggle your finger at us please.

To perk ourselves back up and feel slightly better about our situation, we did as anyone would and took funny face pictures. We hope you enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Adulthood

  1. My favorite face is the bottom left! Ah budgets, so pragmatically fulfilling and joy killing at the same time.

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