Stacked Goodwill glass

Finally, a succesful project!

As I’m sure you are aware, my last attempt at a DIY project ended in complete and utter failure with a solid lesson learned. This time, I chose to aim a little lower. You know, increase that success rate by nearly 100%. I was inspired by this pinterest photo (the original blog tutorial can be found if you click the photo.)

Thinking this was an attainable goal I took advantage of our Goodwill’s 50% off Storewide sale this past Saturday and found this lovely loot for right at $5.

Goodwill GlassThe husband wanted me to spray paint the bits, and I admit, I briefly thought about it. In the end though, I determined the glass matched well enough to look quite good as is. Oh, and you should have seen me in the store…

Yes, I was the crazy lady squatting on the floor with a pile of glass plates, stacking and re-stacking them until the perfect combination was found. Shortly after finding this bunch I realized I had an audience. The woman standing just a little off, but behind me none-the-less, had a bit of a puzzled expression staring at me. However, she did give me an approving nod and smile toward my creation… which was still sitting with me on the floor of the Goodwill. Yep. I was that person. Ah well, in the end, the result was well worth it.

Stacked Goodwill glassWell be using this for our 3rd (or 4th, can’t recall) Annual Fall Harvest Party this fall. Speaking of harvest, here’s the update on our mammoth garden growth.

Growing urban gardenWe’ve lost the broccoli to the peas, the bell peppers didn’t have a chance against the tomatoes and thanks to our 90+ degree weather and insane humidity, our sweet potatoes are thriving like nothing else. We’ve got two hearty corns that should give at least one cob each, their brothers on the other side are having a tough enough time fighting the tomatoes that I doubt they’ll have a chance to produce an actual cob. And yes, the husband does realize he may have been a tad too industrious with the amount he planted in this one box. We’ll have three other boxes next year…and aim for more breathing room.

But hey, for first time urban garden growers, I’d say it’s not half bad. Oh, and get a load of these relentless peas, they’re clutching on to the tomato plant, either to completely take over the garden or catch a ride up as the tomato plant grows…

pea plant grabs tomato plant

3 thoughts on “Finally, a succesful project!

    1. Yes! We decided it was a great deal easier to keep family and friends updated this way rather than always re-telling the same sad story ;o) That and we liked the idea of documenting this crazy process in case anyone could use some inspiration and or encouragement.

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