Wine Bottles & Wrought Iron

We’ve begun. We’ve begun the projects for the 4th Annual Harvest Party. It wasn’t the intention when we woke up… however, today is a glorious fall day, 67 degrees, partly cloudy, a gentle breeze and still early enough in the day to be productive without feeling exhausted.

Project Number One: The RailingWe’ve bribed my brother. He’s fresh out of college and below the poverty level. Perfect position for bribery. This beautiful new coat of paint (plus the scraping-the-rust-off process) for a futon. A nice one, of course… but a futon none-the-less.

Next up, the wine bottle border: Josh was inspired by an article in Ready Made Magazine about creating a wine bottle border. We’ve been collecting wine bottles and our friends have been donating them to us for a while now… probably close to three years. Oh, and before ye judge our drinking habits, it should be noted that one of our good friends is a wine rep and would save us bottles.

Lastly, my green-thumbed husband cleaned up the garden… you recall it’s last look… ridiculously out of control. It’s much more sightly now: We do still have sweet potatoes growing. Other than that, tomatoes and corn were all we ended up with. And by corn I really mean two cobs. But still, first timers… not too shabby.

Bronte and Llama have been hanging outside all day giving their two cents to the work being done:

One thought on “Wine Bottles & Wrought Iron

  1. The bit about judging your drinking habits cracked me up. The centerpiece on our dining room table is a large glass bowl full of corks we’ve been collecting since college (with some donated from friends mixed in). When my grandmother (who has never had a drop of alcohol in her entire life) saw it for the first time, she gasped. “My, you kids must drink nothing but wine!”

    The updates look great!

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