First, a disclaimer. I am not, nor have I ever been an impulsive shopper. I do not buy on a whim. I do not take a full day to peruse the malls and fling shopping bags about like Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman.

One week ago I was taking a break from photo editing to scroll through Craigslist. It’s an enjoyable past time of mine. You never know what random things you’re going to find, right? I mean, we’ve supplied our entire dining room with furnishings from Craigslist as well as several rugs about the house. Generally when I’m on a mission for something it’s very different than when I’m just amusing myself. When I’m just amusing myself I may happen upon the pets section. Seriously, it’s highly entertaining, “Ooh, puppies, odd, a bearded dragon….aw, fluffy kittens…. Purebred red/rust doberman 1yr old?” “Whaaaaaat?”

Long story short. Meet Zeus-Clyde.

(Originally named Zeus, but his personality is so “Clyde”)

It was us or the shelter. Really? How could we say no? And yes, yes that does make us a three-dog household. We’re tapping out now. No more pets. For those of you fellow dog/doberman owners, yes, the diva of a female is tolerating the goofy boy. He, of course, adores her and begs for her attention. She obliges on occasion. Llama, the social guy that he is, seems to be overjoyed to have a fellow boy to romp around with. We suspect he also enjoys herding the new guy about the yard and feeling like the big dog he envisions himself to be.

Lastly, I have to share the grand finale of our urban garden, drum roll please…….

SWEET POTATOES! Who knew? We can grow some pretty hearty sweet potatoes (Check out the one with the weird orb-thing!) We would have more than these three, but apparently the pups enjoy digging them up and eating them… note to self for next year – doggie fence around garden.

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