cozy-airy bedroom

Dinosaur Gray died


The faux-zinc painting worked well on the headboard, took it from grandmotherly to acceptable by husband and wife alike.

The room is still in progress, but WOW what a difference primer and a few touches here and there make! My beloved Dinosaur Gray paint color from our last home is no longer being sold and I can’t find a swatch of it anywhere. So, alas, time to search for a new color. Thus the four swatches:

Most of our friends seem to be leaning to the far right, (in color swatch only). I think I’m good with that. Now to just find the time to paint… We’re so much happier with what little we’ve done with it already though. Man, priming over that awful mustard color made a world of difference. Then, adding the slate colored bedding with the newly painted headboard practically made us giddy. But what really put us over the top, was finding this beautiful mid-century modern dresser on Craigslist! It gave that half of the room the “someone lives here and cares” feel we’d been missing.

cozy-airy bedroom

Beginning to look like an actual bedroom

mid-century modern dresser

See, doesn’t the dresser just top it off? Now, if I can just sort out how to blend Country French, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Mid-Century Modern all in one house without looking crazy, I’ll be all set.

The dogs, clearly, could care less about our victories.

Oh, by the way, we’ve entered Zeus’ fabulous photo in a contest on Facebook. Voting goes through May 13, 2012. Feel free to vote for the guy to encourage his dreams of modeling.

2 thoughts on “Dinosaur Gray died

  1. Looks really great! I also love the swatch on the far right. But oh how I swoon over that dresser you found. It’s is so FINE! Lucky you. I love it when people mix styles… I think unique and collected is always better. You guys are doing awesome. Enjoyed looking through.

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