I hope you weren’t attached

Our kitchen, in all of its green glory

I hope none of you have secretly been attached to the aesthetics of our kitchen…

The Husband wasted no time ripping the place apart.

It’s disgusting to see these walls once had tile… To which ever owner determined it would be better to rip them off the wall…. I have words for you.

The many shades of our kitchen past. Can you imagine a kitchen THAT red? Wow. I can’t. I’d much rather go with that ultra teal before the red…

I’m sure as a small accent wall or some such thing, this pattern wouldn’t be so overwhelming, as it is, it’s way too much. At least way too much for these eyes. Adios peaches, berries and what I assume are plums…

Well here she is. Our blank canvas. No, we’re not going crazy and ripping up our oddly built up floor. No, we’re not moving around our appliances and no, we’re not reconfiguring the layout. Not yet. We just want to be able to walk into our kitchen, give a little smile, and enjoy being in there.

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