Our secret weapon

Our friends have texted encouraging things like, “good luck!” and “Hope you’re doing okay!” My parents have texted other notes, such as, “Just wondering how it’s going…” “Who drew first blood?” I suppose they’re all remembering our first large renovation project, the guest room. Admittedly, that was a little rough… but this time, we have a secret weapon:

His name is Jimmy.

He’s the same age as my father, but has lived through the Vietnam war, had a rough go of it for a time and spent 28 years of his life (post war) learning the art of cabinet creation. The man is a handy-man extraordinaire.  His hands are practically hammers in and of themselves. His brain has to be comprised of those measurements and notches on a ruler that I failed to ever appropriately learn. He can wield a sander with such accuracy that can only come from more than two decades of experience.

In the amount of time it would have taken us to measure, re-measure, freak out a little bit and re-measure again (each time with different measurements), Jimmy had measured twice, cut out his piece of drywall, hung the thing in perfect place and was already popping in a 2×4 cut to perfect size to complete the corner wall. . .

So I suppose in order of things – Jimmy’s the main force for this facelift, the Husband second with his enthusiastic demolition, and I:

Have been polishing knobs.

Oooh, shiny! ;o)

3 thoughts on “Our secret weapon

  1. So Cool! Can’t wait to see the end result! Let’s just say your old kitchen had an unique look all its own:-) Something that only pictures could completely explain, words could not! Keep the pictures coming!

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