Open shelving, open mind

When the husband first declared his desire for open shelves on our kitchen walls I whole heartedly agreed and said, “Why dear, what a wonderful idea that is!”   completely nixed the idea. I mean, what if there’s an earth quake? What if our dishes are knocked off by our 8′ friends’ elbows? He wasn’t buying those arguments so I aimed at another direction… But the disheveled dishes will show! Eclectic has its limits after all.

Months passed. Pinterest became a reality in our lives. More months passed. The husband would subtly pin images of white shelves, small shelves, contained shelves, metal shelves, wooden shelves. . . even more months passed, and I slowly begin to find myself pondering shelves. . .

Certainly our many flailing antics wouldn’t work with open shelves. We’d be breaking things left and right! Was he nuts?

But they did manage to look both rustic and modern simultaneously. . .

Ugh, but our dishes would be strewn about in such an unkempt fashion and on display for all the world to see. . .

But it’s just so pretty!

I however, do reserve the right to say, “I told you so,” as soon as a dish jumps from its open perch to its shattered demise.

In other news, I now have a lovely laundry chute door. No arguments were had there. Also, we should be able to wrap this kitchen project up this weekend. Yes, total weekend warriors project. Anticipate another shelf and finished white trim. Onward ho!

2 thoughts on “Open shelving, open mind

  1. Looking good! Can’t wait to see the end results. Those shelves look very sturdy. I don’t think your dishes will choose to jump off. Though you may need to request that your guests refrain from dancing on the counter tops 🙂 especially that 8 foot friend.

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