The Kitchen: She’s Lookin’ Good

So this open shelves thing isn’t so bad. At least for now. We’re able to display our eclectic collection of kitchen goods – like these mugs I picked up on and Target’s collection of yellow containers.

Look at them… all lining up to take a dive…

The Husband is beside himself with glee at his open shelves displaying our glassware – He just stands and stares at it from time to time. . . To each their own I suppose. I still eye the wine glasses with suspicion. They best not jump.

Functionality has improved drastically. I’ve acquired a new drawer near the stove, a new top (top left) for me to set random items on. Our dog food container now has a handy hide-away pull out drawer and our knobs and handles are all thanks to someone renovating a Mid Century kitchen and that entire hardware set finding its way on Etsy. They’re dainty, but they make a lovely design statement.

This wall isn’t done yet, so I can’t reveal the full sh-bang. But here’s a glimpse. It’s from a book called “Famous Pears.” Currently pictured (from left to right) Dolly Parton, Madonna and Child, and American Gothic. I mean really, how could you not love a little pun in the kitchen?

Alright, without further ado, here is our much improved kitchen!

It seems a great deal taller, waaaaay brighter and just has a much more open, breathable feel to it. Not to mention, the drawers actually open smoothly and I don’t feel like I’m being smothered by 1970’s dark green paint. The rug was a clearance find at West Elm. It suites the space perfectly.

We’re intending on adding a few lights under the shelves and two lights above each window. I’ll show off the final once we’ve made up our minds on the lights. . . it may be a while.

The pups are glad to be free again.

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