The Wise Chalkboard Wall

This year will mark 5 years that we’ve been in our current home. Below are two images from the first day we saw the house – on the left is our current Den and on the right is our current office.



They look the same today – with the addition of stuff – furniture and wall hangings and such. Yep, the cattails are still there in all their glory as is the odd white stucco in the office. Needless to say, we’re not attached to what the walls look like. So when I happend to realize I had a fair amount of chalkboard paint left over from a work project, I thought to myself, “I’ll paint a strip of chalkboard paint near the doorway.” I mean, why not? It’s an ugly wall, giving it a black strip would be a huge improvement.

I figured I would use this space for creative thought processing, perhaps writing out the grocery list, etc. I painted that one strip, and then painted a little more, then a little more… until the entire wall was black chalkboard. No one needs their grocery list that big…  I had to think of what I’d actually want on my wall for a time. About that time, I’d had to re-pin my collection of quotes on Pinterest. That board decided to disappear on me – thus my furious searching and re-pinning. During that whirl-wind of re-pinning was about the time I ran across DIYDiva’s fabulous chalkboard wall in her bathroom post. Mesh the two together and you’ve discovered what my wall now looks like.

chalkboard wall with quotesZeus and Llama both say hello. You’ll also notice Zeus earned himself a quick sketch when he kept sticking his face in my face while I was attempting to write more quotes. This, by the way, is a fabulous little tool for writing/drawing on chalkboard sans dusty mess.

chalk paint pen

It took a couple of hours, but was well worth it in the end. When I find a new quote that I enjoy as much as these, I have a little space to add it in and when I fill my space, I just wipe away the old and add in the new.

chalk wall (9 of 21)

chalk wall (7 of 21)

chalk wall (12 of 21)

Amen Francis, amen.

chalk wall (11 of 21) chalk wall (10 of 21)

One of my all time favorite quotes and it happens to be by Winston Churchill.

chalk wall (16 of 21)

This life’s purpose.

chalk wall (5 of 21)

Hope you’ve enjoyed what we’ve done with our chalkboard wall. As a heads up, we did actually accomplish much of what we set out to do this past winter. Of course I didn’t keep up with documenting it online, but I do have photos to bring in the future. The breakfast nook looks soooo much better. More to come.

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