All Outdoorsy and Stuff

Happy late spring all! I don’t know if it’s the weather, my age, the husband’s infectious outdoor nature or what, but I’ve found myself actually helping out with yard-tending duties. I suppose I should preface that with the fact that prior to this point in my life I would have rather scrubbed floors and toilets before utilizing a shovel or spade outdoors. . .and I did. But now! Now I’m beginning to embrace the outdoor work! No, no, not mowing or such things like that… but assisting in other things, like mauling out a stump or two (with the help of my oddly-good-stump-remover brother).

stump removal

Handing off a weed whacker and some encouragement to a friend with some yard trimmin’ to do…

the dainty weed-whacker

Picking out plants for our beautiful garden. . .


Speaking of garden, the husband really stepped it up with the urban garden this year. You may recall in 2011 in the urban garden vs husband, urban garden won, hands down, and last year the sun and drought won. This year, this year he’s motivated. He’s learned how to wrangle saws, drills and the like and has crafted a solid fence to keep the dogs out, proper spacing for each plant to have it’s own area and trellises for the tomatoes and squash.

fence building

I mean seriously, would you just look at that fence! The husband did a phenomenal job.

urban garden in indy

In his words, we’re going to “own this” yard this year. We’ve got bricks for a patio. . .lots of bricks. . .

so many bricks

The way in which we actually transported these “free” babies is a story in and of itself, we’ll get there… They will be replacing the current slap-dash brick patio we’ve got.


The Gazebo is due for an upgrade. We’re not sure exactly what kind of upgrade, other than the lattice being removed. For some reason, I’ve always hated lattice. No idea why. (Sorry to all the lattice lovers out there).

sad gazebo

Other than removing hornets’ nest out of the gazebo, we’ve pretty much ignored it, as is apparent by the state of the fan in there.


We, or I should say the husband, rescued a load of Iris’ and Peonies from some friends in the Herron Morton neighborhood.

plant rescue

That’s the haul in the back of my vehicle. He made quick work of planting them in our own spaces. The peonies were first:


And the Iris’ soon followed suit:


So yeah, look out yard. You’ve been warned.

I can maul things

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