Back to the Bedroom

It’s been a while since I’ve given some focus to our bedroom. We are so much, so very, very pleased FINALLY with how our bedroom is coming about. Yes, we need a new fan… the closet area is still a bit neglected, but wow is it better!

2014_04_master (2 of 11)

Here, let me remind you what it was



See, WOW! We can actually spend time in there without feeling aggravation or just sheer disgust with the mustard color. Not to mention we’ve finally found a cool mix of a style for the room. We’re in the market for night stands, but may end up building them. The husband is becoming quite the carpenter these days. Mind you, he still will throw a fit if it doesn’t cooperate the very first go-round… but he still manages to press on and come out with a pretty decent product in the end.  For instance, he whipped up this corner bookshelf for my overflow of books that wouldn’t fit in my nightstand. Yes, he made it from a bi-fold door. I spray painted it a brushed silver to coordinate with the wall.

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So yes, the bedroom is certainly coming along. Our most recent inclusion? The rug, this lovely, plush rug from West Elm. It was on sale, clearance actually. It’s definitely not what we thought we would have liked, but when we saw it, it spoke to us. Thank you West Elm clearance.

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We’re also apparently collecting more Ns. This was found in Fountain Square in a great little shop. The two mirrors were garage sale finds. Go thrifty, folks. It looks great and we’ve still got a buck or two to spare. The pillows are West Elm (clearance again) and the actual bedspread we found at Target (yep, clearance). I had been aiming to find something to coordinate with my pillows, Target pulled through.

2014_04_master (5 of 11)


Our frame wall is finally finishing out too. It’s a mixture of photos from our travels, my painting of a giraffe from high school, a giraffe photo from a UK photographer, and one giant Rhino from Goodwill. I had intended on just using that frame… but low and behold, I got kind of attached to the Rhino. Just roll with it.

2014_04_master (8 of 11)

The rest of the room it it’s much calmer state:

A sculpture from college. I was never a fan of it, but Josh liked it so I gave it to him, not realizing I'd marry the guy and wind up with it again.
A sculpture from college. I was never a fan of it, but Josh liked it so I gave it to him, not realizing I’d marry the guy and wind up with it again.

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