2014 – the Year of Exterior Work (well, that’s the plan)

spring tree

Ah sweet spring. She has arrived. And good grief, about time too! We’ve got a ton to get done! After the storm that came and opened our eyes to the “bucket people” we are, we sucked it in and saved our pennies, Christmas money, random freelancing, etc. and in the midst of paying down debt, we saved enough to finally call around to Slate professionals—after we had done our fair share of research on our type of home and slate, mind you.

One “professional” told us it was his opinion that our slate roof wasn’t worth saving, we should let his company remove it and replace it with asphalt. I’m sorry? Are you serious? He didn’t even bother looking at the roof, just judged based on a photo. Yep. Scratch that guy off the list and boot him out the door. Another gent, though amicable and admiring of our roof, tried the route of “maintaining a slate roof is difficult… you should let us put on a metal roof.” Again. You’ve got to be kidding. Finally it came down to two, one included a maintenance plan for slate, and they were a reputable roofing company that also worked with slate v.s. an only slate company that had one of the nicest of the estimators. Price wise, they were similar. We then researched into each company, what their individual certifications meant and of course, read reviews as well as their reactions to those reviews. From all of that, decided on our professionals and signed the dotted line. Work should begin late May/early June.

Because of this new fire lit under us, you know the one, the OHMYGOSHWE’REMAKINGPROGRESS!!! one. Every DIYer I have ever known, knows this fire. So I’ve decided to embark on a long-term DIY project to coincide with our slate and flashing repair. . .Painting the trim.

exterior (12 of 16)

She’s a little rough looking when it comes to the wood trim. We suspect it’s been at least several decades if not since it was first painted or shortly their after that this beast of a house of ours has had all of it’s trim touched. So what color? Our neighbor on one side uses green, while the other uses white. We’ve driven around our ‘hood as well as downtown, and the northside for some inspiration, add that to researching longevity, paint type, cost, etc. and we’ve come down to a rather dramatic change.

black samples


Yep. Black. More specifically, the square on the right, Tricon Black from Sherman Williams. Take a look at it next to the brick and the stone:


Red brick, white stone, black trim. Completely dramatic, but the black—provided I prep it all superbly well—should last longer than a green. The white kind of bores us a little, just the idea of painting and painting and painting for (lets be honest here) a couple of years, only to have a non-crackly version of the same color? No. Nope. Not our style. We’d like to have no doubts that we’re transforming our home’s looks. . .


Whew! It’s a massive proposed difference, but we like it! After “what about this color? Or this? Or that?” We both liked this. Truly, there is a bit of terror that goes into such a stark difference, but to help myself out, I plan on starting in the back, up in a not-so-obvious spot where I can stare at it long enough to really commit. Granted… I only have until late May/early June at this point since I’ll be making use of the Slate people’s equipment to reach my dormers… but still.

Curious about the copper on the mock up? No, we didn’t suddenly drop into wealth. That’s the intended spot for a fabulous product I’ve run across called liquid copper. I’ll be trying it out on the dormers first. If it holds up like they say it will, I’ll continue on to the other appropriate areas for it. Read about it if you have an interest in copper, but not an interest in the cost or theft risk of copper sheets. So yes. Black.

Whether you think we’re nuts or not… wish us luck. We’ll be hanging out at new heights and testing our patience and upper arm strength in 2014.


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