Josh and Rach
Just the two of us…and a few dogs

Nothing special. Two people. One house. Three dogs. Tis our life and we love it.

Happily glued to each other and our bizarre 1926 French Eclectic home. It reveals a new surprise to us every time we attempt to fix, restore, touch-up it’s 80+ year old self. We share it with several pups and consider the five of us a pretty cozy family despite the plaster dust.

As for this blog? Well, best categorized as a “house blog” and though we consider ourselves DIY people… I wouldn’t use our methods as DIY inspiration. More like, “what not to do.” We tend to get a little ahead of ourselves or run into some fiasco that could have been avoided. However, if you’re looking for encouragement that there are more amateur DIY-ers out there wrestling with an old home, budgets and life in general, you’ve found it.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I stumbled on your blog today on blue door blogs. From the sounds of it, you’re in Indianapolis! I grew up just south of there and miss the area a lot (particularly the green… Texas is so brown). Your house is gorgeous and I’ve enjoyed going through your archives!

  2. Saw the photo of Bronte & Llama today – thought I was seeing things. Your pups look *exactly* like our two! We don’t know many that have a Dobie-dog and our little one is a beagle-terrier mix and looks very much like yours. Enjoy your blog, but even more so now 🙂

    1. Ha! That’s great! Llama was our rescue mutt. We think he’s corgie & stuff. And I love finding other doby lovers! They are such good (goofy) dogs. Glad to hear someone else enjoys a mismatched pair. 😉

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